Episode 009 of The Slow Down podcast will feature an interview with Table Network member and business owner, Aaron Rohrer. Aaron is a husband to Lisa, father of three, the owner of The Slow Down Barber Lounge. It's not your typical barbershop. Aaron has created an environment for people to slow down and have conversations, whether they are getting a haircut, a shave, or just enjoying a beverage. He focuses on listening to people and is seeing a culture of slowing down intentionally form in his business. It is in this environment that relationships form and discipleship happens.

Listen in as Aaron shares a bit of his journey. How grace has changed everything for him and freed him up not just from seeking to earn God (and people's) approval, but to pursue his passions and disciple others as he goes.

We discuss topics such as how grace affords us the freedom to listen to people without needing to correct everything, as well as how the gospel brings freedom to seek forgiveness. Aaron shares how these realities are shaping him, his family, and the work he is called to as a business owner. You won't want to miss this episode!


Check out more of Aaron's shop on Instagram: SlowDownBarber

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