Episode 022 - An interview with Alec Villarreal

In this episode, Tony interviews Alec Villarreal. Alec is a husband, new dad, new graduate, Table Network member, literature fanboy, church planter, and founder of Mythos Publications in the greater Chicagoland area.

Besides discussing Dungeons & Dragons, pairing hard boiled eggs (w/ hot sauce) with a hazy IPA, and harvesting his 3 month old daughter’s hair for money - Alec shares his story of grace and how he was, at first, skeptical of the idea of church planting being as simple as starting tables and being present with neighbors and friends.

Alec eventually shares about Mythos, a zine publication and creative community Alec “accidentally” began 1 year ago. He discusses how Mythos has connected numerous creatives in his region and also provided a tribe to love and be present among as a missionary. Alec makes the important distinction between ultimate and ulterior motives when seeking to disciple people and also reminds us of the freedom we have in Jesus when we feel overwhelmed and alone in this mission.

This podcast, by far, has the most shoutouts to random people you’ve never heard of, an unexpected Jesus Juke from Alec, and a little something for all the Austin Powers fans out there. Yeah baby!

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