Episode 026 - Interview w/ Locavore Farm

This podcast features an interview with Chris & Rachael Jones, Table Network members and the Founders/Operators of Locavore Farm in Grant Park, IL (40 miles outside of Chicago).

In this episode, Tony is on the farm eating fresh, hand-delivered uncured bacon and breakfast sausage with Chris & Rach while he explores why Chris gives the Slow Down Podcast a low rating of 3.5 stars and wonders why Chris has so many friends despite being so unfriendly. Chris & Rach discuss the godly way they make decisions as a couple (by playing rock, paper, scissors) and why Rach fell in love with Chris in the first place.  

Locavore Farm was the vision when God called the Joneses on a risky journey away from the city and onto the farm to see a movement of the gospel by starting a farm, networking with other farmers, and setting a 100-foot table and gather people around the good things. They talk about risk, fear, faith, the difficulty of slowing down, forming communities, and how trustworthy God has been and is in their story.

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